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I can't tear my gaze from the impossible darkness of his eyes. My eyelids droop, my limbs turn liquid. A strong arm loops round my back and lowers me to the floor. I fight against the overwhelming desire to sleep. Each time I force my eyelids open they clamp shut again. I'm drowning in his dark eyes–the eyes of a killer.

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On 16/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: Thanks, Steven :)

On 16/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: Thanks, Sarah :)

On 16/09/2012 Steven Montano said: "Impossible darkness of his eyes." Beautiful stuff, Clare, I love it!

On 16/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: Thanks, Taryn!

On 16/09/2012 Sarah Ballance said: That last line is a KILLER! (Not to steal your word, but it IS!)

On 16/09/2012 Taryn Raye said: Oh, that's really nice! I love the subtly of fear that inches over you as you read it. Great six!

On 16/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: Thanks for commenting, Vivien :)

On 16/09/2012 Vivien Dean said: Nice juxtaposition of the sensuality of the moment with the potential danger. Thanks for sharing!

On 16/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: Thanks, Silver! I'm experimenting with a new style.

On 16/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: Thanks for the lovely comment, Monica :)

On 16/09/2012 Silver James said: What a hook at the end! The scene begins as a seduction and ends with suspense. Well done! I also like the lyrical, almost dreamy wording.

On 16/09/2012 Monica Enderle Pierce said: Oh, wonderful and disturbing. There's an intimacy to this scene that's unsettling. I want to save the poor girl.

On 16/09/2012 Kate Warren said: Scary. Nicely done, Clare!

On 17/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: Thanks, Kate :)

On 21/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: :) I'm glad you liked it, Ruth.

On 21/09/2012 Ruth Ellen Parlour said: How did I miss this? I agree with Vivien, and I love the last line, made my stomach turn!

On 21/09/2012 Clare Davidson said: LOL! She didn't get roofied :) But she might as well have been as she has no memory of that encounter at all. And yes, that was Matthew. It might not be what it seems to be though... ;-)

On 21/09/2012 Monica La Porta said: No! Did she get roofied? That's horrible :)You sure know how to terrify your readers!

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