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Thursday Write Up

I was procrastinating on Twitter on Wednesday evening, when a tweet from G.R. Bliss popped up in my feed, asking if there was anything fun for Thursday's, like #FridaySnippets. I suggested that we make something up and here we are…


The idea is simple: write up your writing week in a blog post and tweet a link to it, using the #ThursdayWriteUp hash tag.

Here's my first one:

This week has had its ups and downs. Last Friday, in need of a snippet, I did some writing 'just for fun'. It went really well to start with and I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday working on it. Then Monday came along and I hit a brick wall.

On Tuesday, I had a five hour drive to get home (after far too long away) and managed to work out what was wrong: I had one too many characters. I'd introduced two support characters, one of which I was going to send off with my main character on his journey. Why? Because he needs physical help. That's his big weakness. Then I realised that by giving him the help he needs I would be making things way too easy. Where would the conflict be?

So, I know I need to cut the character out, which is going to mean some backtracking and culling of words, before I can move forward again. I'm hoping I can get that done before tomorrow's snippet is due!

Finally, 'Trinity' has received its 3rd 5 star review on Amazon UK, that's five 5 star reviews in total :) I'm really happy!

So, how has your writing week been?

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On 16/08/2012 Clare Davidson said: Good luck with your final 4 weeks of uni :) On the positive side, you'll have lots of writing to look forward to and deleted scenes are always fun to read!

On 16/08/2012 Ruth Ellen Parlour said: I'll join in on this when uni is out the way. I've got 4 weeks left and the pressure is really on so unfortunately it means no more writing for the mean time :( Which is one reason why I'm publishing deleted scenes for EA.

On 16/08/2012 G.R. Bliss said: Congrats on the 5 star reviews! Great first #ThursdayWriteUp post! This is going to be fun! :)

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