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The Wolves of Gettryne

We're all told the "truth" of the society we live in: the rules we're supposed to obey, the beliefs we're supposed to hold. And for the most part, we accept those rules and those beliefs because they're the norm.

But what if you lived in a society where the norm was brutal? Where you were told your sole purpose was to seek revenge for something that happened one thousand years earlier? Would you follow blindly, or would you question everything?

In Trinity, the Wolves are a group who rallied behind the goddess of death, Ysia, and were marginalised and persecuted for it. So began a cycle of hatred and revenge, which has persisted for one thousand years. With neither side willing to give ground to the other, even though no one can remember why the war started. Why Miale was killed. Why Ysia was killed. They only know it happened and they believe Ysia was the instigator.


For most of the inhabitants of Gettryne, those two beliefs are enough to persist in hatred and to vilify an entire group. Not that the Wolves have done anything to help themselves. Even after the initial war ended, they have spent generations hunting down the incarnations of Miale, in an attempt to prematurely end her life and bring more regular periods of suffering to the whole of Gettryne. Shared suffering, if you will. The greatest form of revenge.

I purposefully created the land of Gettryne to be a flawed one, where neither side is completely right or wrong and where time has muddied the waters even further. I wanted to show how hatred can become habitual; ingrained in society rather than having any rational reasoning behind it. There's a particular set of scenes within the book that epitomises that and they're amongst my favourite because of it.

Whilst the Wolves are the clear antagonists of the novel, I wanted to ensure that they weren't stereotypically evil. There are reasons they behave the way they do and why their actions as a whole and as individuals often defy sanity. When you are hated by everyone, your choices become limited and it's easy to make and justify the wrong ones.

characterbannerI also wanted to ensure that the rest of Gettryne weren't painted as the out and out good guys. There are characters on both sides who do terrible things, as well as those who do good things. After all, no one is perfect, either in the world of Gettryne, or the world in which we live.

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