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Kiana: The evolution of a character

Trinity originally started life as a different book, with a different set of characters. Over time (and childbirth) the story and the characters evolved into Trinity.

Kiana (or Trea as she was originally called), had the most evolving and growing to do.

You see, in Guardian (as the original story was called), Trea was actually quite a minor character in terms of page space. She was absolutely central to the plot, but she was weak, vulnerable and well... unconscious for most of the story. She certainly wasn't main character material and that never sat well with me. I'm not known for writing typical damsels in distress, but that's what I'd gone and done.

Maybe that's one of the main reasons that Guardian became Trinity.

When I started a total rewrite, I knew I needed to do more than simply change the names of the characters. I also knew Kiana would need the most work. I wanted her to be present within the story. Not just a catalyst for the actions of the other characters, but present within her own story, fighting her own cause, having her own agency.

KianaAlthough Kiana begins as a sheltered, pampered girl, she becomes far more than that throughout the course of the novel. But even that naive girl—with purposeful links to Rapunzel—starts the story questioning the life she lives. From the first page, she isn't a placid child who simply accepts the odd life she leads. She wants answers and demands understanding and it's these elements that drive her character through the book.

“We’re trying to put things right!” Kiana said. “We’re trying to restore the trinity!”

She's come a very long way from a helpless, unconscious girl, who needed to be protected by those around her.

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On 21/09/2015 Daevone said: Clare, this is a wonderful and insightful post. It's interesting to know that Kiana, or shall I say Trea, changed from hardly influencing her story to becoming the driving force in Trinity. She's an excellent character whose strengths grow as the story goes on. Thanks for writing this post and giving us a look behind the scenes.

On 21/09/2015 Clare Davidson said: Thanks, Daevone, I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

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