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Inside Out

insideout-teaser-2-580x328Warning, there may be spoilers ahead!

One thing I love about having children, is getting to go and see kids' films. Although, I have to admit, I was a bit indifferent to Inside Out. Sure, I'd seen the trailers. I could see they were trying to do something different, but I couldn't figure out what the actual plot was going to be. Normally, a trailer gives some idea of the central conflict, but the Inside Out trailer was mostly amusing gimmick.

I needn't have worried. It's a wonderful and charming film—and not just from the perspective of a parent/big kid at heart, but also from the perspective of a writer.

tumblr_n7m77xCH3v1s3px3ao1_500Everything was set up beautifully and absolutely everything had relevance. Anton Chekhov would have been proud of the script writers.

And yet, the set ups weren't always as obvious as you might have first thought.

An excellent example of this was the memory tube. Right from the start, we see the memory tube in use as Hope, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust attempt to keep Riley's emotions in balance. When things go wrong, one of the first things that's highlighted is a memory tube getting used. Eventually, our disjointed protagonists do use the memory tube. Or at least, they try to.

pixars-inside-out-is-a-surprisingly-accurate-look-at-human-psychology--heres-what-it-gets-right-and-wrongThere are several examples of this throughout the movie: a method of returning to head quarters is presented to us, several scenes before it's used, but then turns out not to be the magic answer after all and the protagonists are, instead, thrown into deeper and deeper danger.

When they do finally triumph—by using set-up things in a really clever way—you really feel like they've earned it and they, along with the audience, have learnt something pretty powerful along the way.

Inside Out is a clever and charming movie. I really hope it will be a triumph for Pixar.

Have you seen Inside Out? What did you think of the movie? I'd love to find out your opinions.

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On 14/08/2015 Jennette said: I LOVE Inside Out. Like you, I wasn't that interested in the movie. I didn't really understand how they were going to have a movie inside a character's head. But when I saw an article about how it was a great movie for children on the Autism spectrum, I decided to take the kids. (My son is on the spectrum) I was not disappointed! It was such a beautiful movie. And I loved how they showed the emotional development from a child operating on one emotion at a time to an older child realizing that we need all emotions to operate in a healthy manner. Definitely a movie to own for us. :-)

On 17/08/2015 Clare Davidson said: I agree! It was beautifully done and so very lovely for both the emotions (especially Joy) and the audience to realise we're made up of lots of emotions all of the time. Thanks for commenting!

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