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Just for fun: Five TV Boyfriends

Fellow author Sharon Sant did this fun little exercise on her blog a few days ago and suggested I should do it too. Okay, so it's a little different to my normal post, but I think we all need a little fun in our lives sometimes, don't we? In a week where I've finished the second draft of Hidden: Book 2 (AKA the sequel to Reaper's Rhythm) and wrestled with tax self assessment for the first time, a bit of fun is definitely needed.

Sharon's list of TV boyfriends were all British characters/actors, whereas mine seem to be mainly American. It should give you a clue that I mainly watch US TV these days. I wholeheartedly agree that Primeval's Connor Temple (played by Andrew Lee Potts) is lovely, but I'm not going to copy and add him to my list. Or maybe I've cheated by mentioning him at all.

So, here's my five TV Boyfriends:

Dean (Supernatural, played by Jensen Ackles)

When Supernatural first started, I was firmly in camp Sam, but as the series went on, I ended up switching allegiances to Dean. Seriously, who wouldn't? He's handsome, kicks demon ass and also has a more emotional side. Honestly, he does, although he does a brilliant job of hiding it most of the time (unlike mopey Sam). He's trustworthy and utterly loyal to his friends and family. He even manages to pull off designer stubble well (I normally hate facial hair on men!).

Neal Caffrey (White Collar, played by Matt Bomer)

Neal is a loveable rogue. Art thief, master forger and debonair. He might not always be trustworthy, but he does generally end up doing the right thing, albeit in the wrong way. I love the almost father/son relationship he has going with the other central character, FBI Agent Peter Burke. Through this relationship we see a softer side to Neal, one that shows us he needs (perhaps even craves) validation from a male figure he can respect. Neal is a well thought out character, who may look like a stereotype at first glance, but actually has lots of depth. Plus, he looks incredibly hot in a suit.

Dr Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds, played by Matthew Gray Gubler)

You can laugh all you like at this choice, but personally I think Reid is lovely. Especially after his haircut (his floppy hair style was pretty tragic - take note Supernatural, Sam also looked better without the silly floppy hair). Reid is intelligent and perceptive but socially awkward. Being one of the youngest members of the Criminal Minds team, he's also one of the most "cared for", whilst still being respected by his peers. He's also pretty cute, don't you think? Obviously, I'm drawn to his brains.

David Nolan/Prince Charming (Once Upon A Time, played by Josh Dallas)

I have no idea whether or not I prefer David or Prince Charming, probably the latter. Seriously, there's something about fairy tale heroes. They always do the right thing. They always think positively, even when the going is rough and it looks like they're going to lose. They don't compromise their ideals. Whereas David, with no memory of his existence in the fairy tale kingdom, was much more vulnerable and "human". The juxtaposition of the two facets of his character is incredibly interesting. David does make mistakes, but he more than makes up for them.

Don Eppes (Numb3rs, played by Rob Morrow)

Admit it, you thought I was going to say Charlie, especially after I picked Reid from Criminal Minds. Obviously I do have a thing for the cute, intelligent guys, but Charlie doesn't quite do it for me. His brother Don on the other hand is just lovely. He's dedicated to his team and his family. He's able to admit he needs help and accept it when offered. He might be as crazily intelligent as his brother, but he's definitely got razor sharp instincts.

So there you have it, my five TV boyfriends. Who else is going to play along?

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