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The best reason for procrastinating?


Before Christmas I announced that the fourth and final book in the Hidden series would be delayed, because I was pregnant. Whilst I'd love to be writing a blog post giving you a definite release date for book four, right now I can't.


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To all my ex-pupils - I didn't lie to you!


If English teachers were paid £1 every time a pupil or parent asked, "How can I get better at English?" they'd probably be rich and able to retire young. I was asked the same question every parents' evening without fail, multiple times.


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An announcement regarding Hidden: Book 4


I've put this post off for far longer than I should have done, but I can't delay any longer. So, here goes...I'm having to delay the release date of the fourth and final book in the Hidden series.When I released Reaper's Rhythm: (Hidden: Book 1) at the end of July 2013, I was confident I could deliver the rest of the series at a pace of one book every six months.

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We all have strengths, we all have weaknesses


I love having conversations with my five year old daughter. Sometimes, she comes out with the most wonderful statements. One of her most recent ones was: "Everyone is good at different things. I'm good at reading, but I'll never win a race.


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Be ten times braver than Merida


One of the questions Eleanor often asks me in the car is: "What are you thinking about that isn't driving, Mummy?" After I've answered her, I ask her the same question. This morning, this was her response:"I'm thinking about Planes 2: Fire and Rescue.


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Book review: Jump! By Julia Dweck and Brian Allen


As well as being a writer, I'm also a reader and a mother of a five year old who adores to read. So when I saw a callout on Facebook for people to read and review Jump! I leapt at the chance (pun intended).

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When did you start loving books?


It's a good question, because I honestly can't remember when I started loving books. Perhaps it's a question to direct towards my parents.My mum tells me, when I was first learning to read at kindergarten in Malaysia, that I'd struggle through the Peter and Jane books and then pick up a comic and read it fluently.

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What is beauty?


I have a very beautiful daughter.She is kind and often asks what she can do to help out around the house. She says please and thank you. She cheers me up with the most delightful smile and tries to make me laugh when I'm feeling down.

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